Solving for Poorly Defined Audience Personas

Symptoms of Poorly Defined Audience Personas:

  • Poor Conversion Rates
  • Difficulty Defining the Buyer’s Journey
  • Content that is All About Your Product or Services

Understanding the Problem

Weak personas are absolutely the most common problem facing marketing teams in the United States. Many marketers are so busy doing marketing that they forget whom they are marketing to. 

As marketers, we understand everything we do is about getting the “right message to the right person at the right time.” We know that buyers go through numerous stages before they’re ready for a sales conversation, and we have to align our message touchpoints to these stages or we will lose their attention entirely. However, it is distressingly common that marketers are so far removed from our buyers that we forget what is important to them, and then our message doesn’t land.

The Solution: Define and Document Your Personas

Regardless of your industry, there are a few tried-and-true practices that always form the foundation of our work. One of these is persona building.

Getting to know any new person means asking questions. Defining buyer priorities is all about asking the right questions and prompting insight into the “why” behind buying decisions. I strongly recommend documenting buyer personas using open-ended questions.

My personal favorite two-part prompt is, “What problem does this person have, and how do we help solve it?”

If you need help, Tactical Marketing’s Buyer Persona Worksheet is a free resource available to anyone looking to improve their Persona Development!

Download the Persona Worksheet HERE

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