Correcting Your Lack of Processes

Symptoms of Lacking Processes:

  • Last-Minute Campaign Changes
  • Overwhelming Manual Activity
  • Missed Deadlines

Understanding the Problem

Marketing has the highest employee turnover rate of any industry at an astounding 17%. This means that marketing programs are often a hodgepodge of ideas, rebuilt and reprioritized over-and-over by the different people who have come and gone. As new marketers rush in, they take on lead generation, email newsletters, marketing automation, and social media – with the expectation that all of these practices will continue without a hitch. Marketers dive into a defined set of activities and change the micro-strategy; often, there is not enough time to reinvent the entire marketing process. Couple that with the fact that most marketers have experience with hands-on tactical initiatives and not systematic, strategic planning.

Just knowing where to begin can be incredibly frustrating.

The Solution: Find The Right Processes

Take what you need! When it comes to strategy, don’t reinvent the wheel; look around, and find a good resource. Marketing processes have been rebuilt by everyone under the sun.

If you need a strategy, I guarantee it’s already out there.

Companies like Tactical live and breathe strategic planning. We develop standard methodologies and approaches to form playbooks that work for thousands each year. Whether it’s our playbook or another company you’re a fan of, don’t be ashamed of taking inspiration from the resources you see and using them as a jumping-off point.

For example, we make our standard strategic playbook available to anyone for free download on our website. We intentionally designed it to be a jumpstart for strategic marketing planning so you can get back to executing campaigns

Download the Marketing Process Flowchart HERE

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Weak Personas:

Unpredictable Lead Gen: