Unity List Aggregator

A critical component to advanced Act-On marketing automation strategy

Unity List Aggregator for Act-On Software

The ULA (Yoo-luh) application is designed to connect to an Act-On Software customer account using their standard license credentials and extracts all marketing lists in the account. Through a proprietary design, the application allows a user to identify list columns that contain the same data types, and then generates a complete master list containing all contact data for that Act-On account. It is the ultimate list management tool developed by Act-On users for Act-On users!

ULA is not an part of the Act-On Software application, is not an Act-On Software product, and is it supported by Act-On.

The Act-On Master List

According to Act-On’s Expanded Marketing Automation Strategy Guide, “Creating independent lists can be helpful, yet more often than not, you should always be working from a Master List.”

The challenge for most marketers is that their data is unique to their business. The flexibility afforded by Act-On allows them to load different types of lists and, over time the volume of lists grow to an unmanageable state and aggregating this data can be a tedious process.

Before Unity List Aggregator (ULA) for Act-On Software, there has never been an easy way to compile data from all of your Act-On lists into one Master List.

With ULA (pronounced “yoo-luh”), you will be able to take full advantage of Act-On’s powerful dynamic segmentation to create targeted prospect segments based on list field (intrinsic) and behavioral (extrinsic) attributes!


  • Manually compile master list
  • Extensive configuration
  • Extensive list exports
  • Excel consolidation
  • Impossible process development

With ULA

  • Automatic master lists
  • One time configuration for Universal master list
  • Easy process development

Connect Your Account

ULA makes it easy to connect to your Act-On account by simply requiring your Act-On user credentials. There is no complex configuration or set-up!

Fetch Your Lists

ULA calls into your Act-On account and locates all of your lists. It loads these lists into the application so you can automatically join and stitch your data sets together.

Map Your Fields

ULA displays a list of all unique fields across your entire account. Simply select the fields you want aggregated into a single column using your Standard Field Names and ULA will combine all of your data into one Master List.

Don’t worry about errors. If ULA can’t join the data due to incorrect list formatting, it will identify and provide you information on the problems so you can fix them and try again.

You can also choose not to import certain field. The best part is – ULA remembers your mappings so you only have to do this the first time!

Push Your New Master List!

With a freshly created Master List, ULA can now automatically create the new list, or update the existing list directly in Act-On.

It’s that easy!

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