Marketing Automation

Make the most of every opportunity. We build marketing automation strategies that drive marketing qualified leads and conversions.

Our marketing automation services allow you to seamlessly market your business and services across all channels, better segment your audience, and target that segmented audience with a personalized experience, catered to their specific interests. We greatly improve your reach, frequency and conversions.

  • Comprehensive 27 Point Audit
  • Platform Evaluation
  • Platform Set Up and Support
  • Strategy Development
  • Implementation
  • Management
  • Reporting and Analysis

Benefits of marketing automation

Increases Productivity
Eliminates repetitive manual processes by inserting automated solutions. Increases productivity as marketing department staff are able to put increased focus on duties that require more involved manual monitoring.
Increases Revenue
78 percent of high-performing marketers identify marketing automation as a key contributor to improved revenue. Forrester found that B2B marketers implementing marketing automation experience a 10% increase in their sales-pipeline contribution.
Increases Audience Loyalty
Marketing automation tools allow businesses to personalize their relationships with every customer, every prospect, and every lead to help build lasting relationships and repeat sales.
Better Aligns Sales and Marketing Goals
Marketing automation software helps align sales and marketing efforts to ensure that sales reps are working with sales-ready leads. By working together to set scoring parameters and define qualified leads, sales and marketing work as one unified team.

Marketing Automation Process

Platform Evaluation & Audit
Strategy Development
Implementation & Management
Reporting and Analysis

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