Marketing Basics

Act-On Tracking Beacon: Technical Audit

What exactly is the Act-On Beacon? What does it do? The Act-On Beacon is the primary retargeting mechanic of Act-On. It is a relatively simple JavaScript tracker that places a cookie into the visitor's browser cache and records when that cookie is recorded on the tracked page. This data is sent to Act-On's Fact Database Continue reading »

Driving Traffic by Targeting Personas

When we talk about driving website traffic, we mean attracting relevant visitors to our site, with the aim of capturing their information. Ideally, the goal is to convert the visitor to a known lead before they leave. Generally, increased traffic is achieved through a combination of advertising and content creation. By applying personas -fictional people, Continue reading »

What Is the Marketing Process?

  A marketing process is an essential tool for marketers in any sector. You’ll see many terms on the internet, identifying and examining parts of the marketing process. Funnel, cycle, journey. What do these words mean?  Even once refined, the definitive marketing process is somewhat extensive, so the impulse to simplify it is understandable. Before Continue reading »

Fixing Unpredictable Lead Gen

No matter how your performance as a marketer is measured, funnel stage conversion rates are part of your process. Many marketers mistake their goal metric as the only metric to track (e.g., leads generated per quarter). This oversight creates a very reactive environment: if leads seem down, send more emails, and buy more ads; if leads are up, assume everything is just fine.

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Success Comes Easy When Sales and Marketing Align

I’m Stuart Nessel, VP of Business Development at Tactical (let’s connect on Linkedin!). In 2019 I was offered the opportunity to become the head of our sales organization. From this top-level view, I’ve had exposure to one of the most crucial benefits of a well-run team: collaboration between sales and marketing. It’s opened my eyes.

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Why Isn’t My Marketing Working?

“We just aren’t seeing results from our marketing.” An overwhelming majority of our new clients open our very first conversation with this as the force that urged them to reach out. Companies often ask us to evaluate underperforming marketing campaigns. It’s one of the free services we offer, and we’re usually able to deduce the

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Choosing the Right Charts for Your Custom Marketing Reporting

Data Visualization is the creative side of reporting. It’s the pretty charts and graphs that your colleagues “ooo” and “aww” over in team meetings. When done right, you can set the standard by which others are measured. However, many marketers are not also data analysts and therefore struggle to develop effective data visualizations for their

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