What Are The Benefits of Marketing Automation?

Understanding your customers' needs is the basis of an effective and comprehensive marketing automation strategy. Marketing automation is more than scheduling email sends; it’s segmenting audiences, targeted messaging, social media scheduling, advertising, measuring marketing effectiveness on and offline, education and nurture-focused strategy, and strategy execution. As of 2020, 68% of businesses are using automation for Continue reading »

Minimalist Content Creation

No one on the internet is searching for second-rate content. People want content that answers their questions directly, thoroughly, and concisely. Quality content fulfills these requirements while also staying true to a brand’s style and tone. To rank on Google or another search engine requires a balance of keywords, readability, and classical writing structure. To Continue reading »

Act-On Tracking Beacon: Technical Audit

What exactly is the Act-On Beacon? What does it do? The Act-On Beacon is the primary retargeting mechanic of Act-On. It is a relatively simple JavaScript tracker that places a cookie into the visitor's browser cache and records when that cookie is recorded on the tracked page. This data is sent to Act-On's Fact Database Continue reading »

The Art of Process Analysis: Seeing is Not Believing

“This is amazing. It’s so obvious now that you’ve pointed it out. We’ve been struggling with this for months, and now it just makes sense.” These words are incredibly validating and also commonplace in our customer conversations. This year alone, Tactical MA has provided nearly 600 hours of process development consultation to our customers. At Continue reading »