Tactical Marketing Automation Announces Master List Creation Tool for Act-On Software

Cameron Park, CA, July 10, 2019 ( – Tactical Marketing Automation, LLC., a digital marketing agency specializing in marketing automation consulting and services, has announced the release of Unity List Aggregator (ULA), a Software as a Service (SAAS) application designed to augment the list capabilities of Act-On Software’s marketing automation software. The ULA application is designed

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3 Act-On Automated Programs You Didn’t Know You Needed

From time to time I like to geek out on tactical marketing topics, and this is an uber-nerd topic relating to my favorite Marketing Automation Platform, Act-On Software. Also, for some reason, I use caps like an old person. It’s late. I’m old. Leave me alone and let me pontificate. Real Marketing Automation When most Continue reading »

3 Things Act-On Support Can’t Help With (But an Agency Can)

As a former Technical Solutions Engineer at Act-On, I loved how much our customers loved us. It was normal for a TSE to help 20 customers each day, and we always prioritized the customer experience.  My leadership had a very clear directive on the limits of how far we should go, summed up in a single word mission

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The Top 3 Technical Problems I Saw as an Act-On TSE and How to Solve Them

Before starting at Tactical, I worked as a Technical Solutions Engineer at Act-On.  When I worked there, the TSEs were the first line of support for Act-On’s customers and handled the majority of technical support issues.  If you have called the support line and spoken to someone or submitted a request online and worked with

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