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3 Act-On Automated Programs You Didn’t Know You Needed

From time to time I like to geek out on tactical marketing topics, and this is an uber-nerd topic relating to my favorite Marketing Automation Platform, Act-On Software. Also, for some reason, I use caps like an old person. It’s late. I’m old. Leave me alone and let me pontificate. Real Marketing Automation When most Continue reading »

Marketing Misaligned: Your Buzzwords Aren’t Helping

Marketing Misaligned Your Buzzwords Aren’t Helping You probably already know this, but there is a problem in marketing.  Specifically, marketers are not getting the job done. They are not getting the results they were hired to achieve.  It is my opinion this is because businesses don’t really get marketing, and marketers don’t really get business.

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Choosing the Right Charts for Your Custom Marketing Reporting

Data Visualization is the creative side of reporting. It’s the pretty charts and graphs that your colleagues “ooo” and “aww” over in team meetings. When done right, you can set the standard by which others are measured. However, many marketers are not also data analysts and therefore struggle to develop effective data visualizations for their

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Using Salesforce Campaigns to Create Custom Lead Score Rules in Act-On Marketing Automation

Objective While Act-On has native functionality that allows users to load event lists and apply scoring, organizations with many offline or untracked activities can find this cumbersome to manage. When using integrated Salesforce CRM, many organizations use the Salesforce Campaign feature to track and manage this activity. The Salesforce Report serves as a data source for

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3 Costly Mistakes When Integrating Salesforce and Act-On

A Little Context on Salesforce Integration with Act-On Act-On is well known for its seamless integration with Salesforce.  Having spent more than 10,000 hours working with Act-On technology, I believe that the ease of setting up a complete, dynamic, and automatic sync to Salesforce truly is industry leading.  A typical Salesforce user with basic admin capabilities

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3 Things Act-On Support Can’t Help With (But an Agency Can)

As a former Technical Solutions Engineer at Act-On, I loved how much our customers loved us. It was normal for a TSE to help 20 customers each day, and we always prioritized the customer experience.  My leadership had a very clear directive on the limits of how far we should go, summed up in a single word mission

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The Top 3 Technical Problems I Saw as an Act-On TSE and How to Solve Them

Before starting at Tactical, I worked as a Technical Solutions Engineer at Act-On.  When I worked there, the TSEs were the first line of support for Act-On’s customers and handled the majority of technical support issues.  If you have called the support line and spoken to someone or submitted a request online and worked with

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You don’t know what you don’t know – Run Towards your Fear!

It’s estimated that greater than 80% of digital marketers don’t have formal training.  According to IBM’s, “Stepping up to the challenge: CMO insights from the Global C-suite Study,” 82% of Chief Marketing Officers feel underprepared to deal with the explosion of data in the market place.”  Adobe recently reported that only 48%of professionals who consider

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