4 Very Simple But Very Helpful Everyday Marketing Tools

Marketing is a field made up of about 85 different disciplines rolled into one job title.  Other departments think of marketers as wizards who have mastered all the arts. They don’t even know fire wizards don’t like the cold.

Take me for example, I’m strategy, operations, and tech.  I’m pretty sure my application developer is color blind, and I’m not all together certain my graphic designer knows what a funnel is.

Unless you’re a magical marketing unicorn, you probably have some skill set gaps.  Hopefully one of these tools will make your day just a tad bit easier.



Many marketers have developed skills to write great copy, but that doesn’t mean their proofreading is always up to par.  In fact, if you’re like me, you’ve read something 7,000 times before you publish it and don’t see the typo until the moment after you’ve hit “send”.

Grammarly is a great free tool that layers into any browser based interface and highlights the mistakes for you so that you can fix them.  It does more than spell check and is a must have for anyone who frequently writes copy.



I remember I used Red (#FF0000) in a presentation and my Graphic Designer told me it made his “eyes vibrate”. He suggested I used a contrasting orange as a highlight and so I did (#FFA500).  That was also wrong and he explained I was supposed to use a specific Dark Orange (#FE8C00).

For those of us who didn’t memorize color wheels, it’s all about Paletton.  This handy browser tool let’s me drop in a base hex color and creates entire color palettes with easy to copy hex or RGB color codes.



If you’re a single person marketing team, two things are almost certainly true. No one actually understands what you do and they definitely don’t give you enough budget to do it.

Free stock images sites come in handy when you need a great image on a limited budget and Max Pixel is my go to source for free stock photos.



I was recently asked “If blacklists are so common, why aren’t more people concerned?”  My answer was sad, “Because they don’t know they are blacklisted.”

If you send email, blacklist monitoring is critical.  The fastest, easiest way to monitor your listings is to drop your domain into the MX Toolbox Blacklist checker.  If you are listed, it will link you to the appropriate delist tool so you can get your reputation back on track.


Why am I advertising for these companies? Was I paid? Nah, I’m just a beggar telling another beggar where I found bread. 

Every now and then you find a few tools that make your day a little easier, hopefully something on this list will help you.

If you’re still reading – my favorite tool is ColorPick Eyedropper which helps me easily select and copy any color from a webpage.  Very handy when I need to remember the hex code from my web font and don’t want to dig out my brand guideline doc.  Check it out below.